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Sofia Learns About Research- Online Interactive Book
Protocol: STUDY00003278
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Sofia Learns About Research Book Dissemination and Feedback Project
This study is for people who read the Sofia Learns About Research book. The book is a coloring and activity book created to help children and families learn more about participating in research. Anyone can access the online, interactive version of the book and participate in the study.

To complete the study, follow these steps:
1. Complete this survey before you read the Sofia online book:
2. Read the Sofia Learns About Research online interactive book:
3. Complete a survey after reading the Sofia Learns About Research book (you will be given a unique website when you fill out the first survey)

The surveys help our team understand what people have learned, liked, and disliked from the book. This study is also being done with students in classrooms across the Western New York area. If you are interested in the curriculum for use in your or your childs' classroom, please contact us.
Compensation: No
Children and adults (any age)
Have read or will read the Sofia Learns About Research Book

Children in select classrooms in WNY where the Sofia Learns About Research book is being read.
Age Group: Both Adults and Children
Principal Investigator: TERESA QUATTRIN
Andrew Strohmeier
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